PRO PROFILE – Behind Nick Van Strydonk’s Heroic Win

Imagine heading out on the trail with your sled and crossing over a lake. You open up for about 300 yards, then all of a sudden pinch into a sharp turn. Your inside ski raises and you fight with all your might to hold 375-plus pounds down while at speeds of 65-70 mph, pinching around a corner. That, my friends, is a short introduction into what it is like to pilot an ice oval racing snowmobile.

Champion ice oval racer Nick Van Strydonk is one of the select few who’ve mastered the art of racing on the ice. He started racing Kitty Kats at age four, winning his class on his very first weekend of racing. Soon, he was moving up the ranks, eventually reaching the pinnacle of ice oval racing – the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby, and ultimately landing on the short list of riders who have captured that championship more than once.

But getting there wasn’t easy. In our most recent episode of the AMSOIL Signature Series, we take you to the AMSOIL Eagle River World Championship and ride with Van Strydonk to see what that journey was like, including a look at his famous “push to the finish” in 2014.

We also recently caught up with Van Strydonk to talk about his heroic win and what it felt like to achieve what most racers only dream of.



AMSOIL: What do you feel you gained/learned after your amazing 2014 experience?
After the 2014 push to the finish, I learned more about myself as an athlete and as an individual. I knew that I couldn’t give up that early, and I just kept telling myself that I need to finish the race, otherwise I’d always look back and be upset with my performance and wonder what I actually could’ve accomplished.

Did you feel like you had to prove yourself after blowing a belt Friday night this year?
To me, I guess I don’t ever feel like I have to prove myself to anyone. I like to live each day to the fullest, and do the best I can. Because things can change so fast, I don’t ever want to live with any regrets over any situation I have control over. Blowing a belt on Friday night was very unexpected for us, as we never have had that happen, but it made our team stronger and we worked harder to go after a win.

What makes this year’s win even sweeter?
This year’s win was made sweet by the sheer fact that we had been chasing another win for so long, and it seemed like something always got in our way of claiming #2. Also, having Beau (my cousin) back on the team, and racing in his first World Championship and finishing fourth – that was very bittersweet. He asked me to help him train, and I think I have a pretty good program going. Watching him transform and undertake the challenges I gave him before the season even started, then battle for a podium the whole race – that to me was half the excitement of this year’s win.

We know you use AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil in your race sled, but what are your other go-to AMSOIL products?
My favorite AMSOIL product is a really close call between two products that I use almost weekly. Fist would have to be the Miracle Wash. I like to do custom painting and airbrushing as a hobby, and in between buffing and waxing the things I paint, it’s a great product to really clean and shine the finished items, whether it’s a helmet, or even a full-blown custom motorcycle. Plus, Miracle Wash works really well in a pinch if I end up at a car show with no car wash in sight. A quick wipe down with Miracle Wash and no one would know the difference.

The next product I love is the Firearms Cleaner and Protectant and 100% Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant. Another hobby I’ve really enjoyed within the last couple of years is heading to the shooting range and having a blast, literally, with a couple really close friends and family for a day. After the smell of gunpowder has settled, I usually like to head home and clean all my firearms for the next weekend and keep them well oiled to prevent any malfunctions while at the range.

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Owen Rebounds to Claim First Arenacross Race to the Cup Victory of the Season on Night Two in Reno

By: Feld Motorsports

The third round of AMSOIL Arenacross’ Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup held its second consecutive night of action inside the Livestock Events Center in Reno, Nev. on Saturday, March 25. Team TiLUBE/Jack’s Links/TUF Racing Honda’s Jace Owen rebounded in a big way by sweeping both main-event wins to score his first victory since the start of the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup. In the Western Regional AX Lites class, Woodstock KTM’s Hunter Sayles battled through the field to claim the main-event win and move back atop the championship standings.

Prior to the 250AX class main-event showdown, points were handed out in the RMATV/MC Head 2 Head Challenge. The final matchup proved to be a repeat of Friday night’s action as Team Babbitt’s/Monster Energy/AMSOIL Kawasaki, presented by AP Designs, rider Gavin Faith went bar to bar with Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/Yamaha, in association with Cycle Trader and Rock River, rider Chris Blose, leading from start to finish to capture his third straight Head 2 Head Challenge win and add an additional championship bonus point to his Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup total.

In the first 250AX class main event, Owen powered his Honda to the front of the field, just ahead of Team Babbitt’s teammates Faith and Travis Sewell. Defending AMSOIL Arenacross Champion Faith quickly went to work and made the pass on Owen through the whoops on the opening lap. Blose was determined to keep the leaders within sight and muscled his way around Sewell for third on lap one, followed by Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/Yamaha, in association with Cycle Trader and Rock River, rider Matt Goerke.

With Faith and Owen running a blistering pace out front, the battle for the remaining top-five positions began to heat up as Team Babbitt’s rider Gared Steinke overtook Goerke for fifth on lap two. The race leaders continued to pace each other lap after lap, with Owen slowly inching his way onto the rear fender of Faith. On lap eight, Owen took advantage of a bobble by Faith and regained control of the race lead. Just one lap later, Steinke started nipping at the heels of his Team Babbitt’s Kawasaki teammate Sewell and dove to the inside to make the pass.

Owen consistently clicked off fast laps while in the lead, extending his gap each lap and crossing the checkered flag 4.3 seconds ahead of Faith. Blose followed in third, while a last-lap pass placed Sewell fourth and Steinke fifth.

Faith continued his recent streak of starting well by grabbing the holeshot in the second main event, narrowly edging out Owen and Blose. Faith instantly went to work in an attempt to break away from the field, however, Owen refused to let him slip away and latched onto the leader’s rear wheel. Woodstock KTM’s Daniel Herrlein slid into fourth on lap two with an aggressive pass on Sewell.

Similar to the first main event, Owen began to close the gap near the halfway point of the race and was searching for a way past Faith. On lap seven, Owen got the drive down the rhythm section and snuck past in the following turn. He demonstrated incredible speed while out front and opened a comfortable lead over his nearest competitor.

Owen held a 4.7-second margin of victory over Faith, taking the win and a clean sweep on the evening. Blose finished strong in third, with Herrlein fourth and Steinke fifth.

It was an impressive performance by Owen, who put a stop to Faith’s win streak and rebounded for his first victory in the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup. Faith scored valuable points with a runner-up effort (2-2), while Blose stood atop the final podium step in third (3-3). Herrlein was fourth (6-4), just ahead of Steinke (5-5).

Following back-to-back victories, Faith entered the night eight points ahead of Owen in the Ricky Carmichael Cup standings, but now controls the lead by just seven points following Owen’s win. Blose sits in third, 11 points out of the championship lead.

The 12-lap Western Regional AX Lites class main event saw Breece jump out to the early lead with the holeshot over Woodstock KTM’s Hunter Sayles and Team DirtBikeMike’s Hunter Hilton. Sayles successfully completed a brave pass attempt on lap one that moved him past Breece and into the race lead. Sayles used every inch of the track as he meticulously navigated at the front, keeping night-one winner Breece at bay.

An intense battle began to shape up for the final podium position between Hilton, DrivenMX Racing KTM’s Jared Lesher and Yamaha rider Austin Walton. On lap seven, Lesher took control of the final podium position by making the pass on Hilton.

Sayles maintained his lead and took the win 3.1 seconds ahead of Breece’s hard-fought effort in second. Lesher rounded out the podium in third.

The win moved Sayles back atop the Western Regional Championship standings by a single point, just one night after sitting in a tie with Breece. Lesher continues to hold onto third and is now seven points out of the lead.

The fourth round of the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup continues Saturday, April 1 at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, Calif. Racing gets underway at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET.

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Kailub Russell Races His Way to Cannonball GNCC Overall Win

By: GNCC Racing

SPARTA, Ga. (March 26, 2017) – FMF/KTM Factory Racing’s Kailub Russell found himself back on top Sunday, March 26 at the second annual Maxxis Cannonball GNCC in Sparta, Ga. The forecasted rain held off for round three of the AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, creating a rough and tiresome racetrack by the time the world’s fastest off-road racers lined up.Kailub Russell Cannonball 2017

After taking the win just two weeks ago, Russell kept the momentum rolling by claiming the $250 All Balls Racing Holeshot Award once the race was underway. Coastal Racing/Husqvarna’s Ryan Sipes didn’t let his injury from the last race affect him, as he ran right behind Russell off the start.

Rockstar Energy/Factory Husqvarna Racing’s Thad Duvall was able to make the pass on Sipes before the first eight miles of the six-lap race were complete. Russell, Duvall and Sipes held a huge gap on the rest of the pack, including Beta USA’s Jordan Ashburn in fourth. The top three may have had a large gap on the rest of the field, but Russell, Duvall and Sipes were wheel to wheel as they emerged out of the woods at the nine-mile marker.

SRT/KTM’s Steward Baylor, who held second place in the points championship, was nowhere to be seen on the first lap. After struggling to get his bike fired up on the start, his competitors had a 30-second lead over him.

Sipes made quick work in the main field section to pass Duvall and take back second overall. Duvall continued to hang with Sipes, and made the pass again just before they checked through timing and scoring for the first time.

As the second lap wore on, Ashburn continued pushing himself in an attempt to catch the podium contenders, and he shaved off 10 seconds. Meanwhile, Baylor worked his way into the top five.
Like the previous round, different pit strategies came into play for Russell and Duvall. As the second lap was coming to a close, Russell headed in for a splash of gas, allowing Duvall to inch closer.

Halfway through the race, Sipes would find himself dealing with wrist pain from his accident in Florida. He decided to end his race early in hopes of letting his hand have a couple more weeks to heal before the Steele Creek GNCC. Baylor used Sipes’ misfortune to his benefit, taking over the third-place position on the third lap. Ashburn continued to keep Baylor honest throughout the remainder of the lap.
With only one lap remaining, Duvall took the lead for a few miles until making a costly mistake. “I threw away the win,” said Duvall. “I had a comfortable lead on Russell coming into the white flag. I crashed so hard, I’m not even sure what happened.”

Russell took command of the lead again, but Duvall recovered to maintain second. Without a front fender or number plate, Duvall faced a whole new obstacle on the last lap. Russell continued to push through the demanding course to take the win, with Duvall recovering to finish second overall.

“I had bad stomach cramps in South Carolina, and I got them again today,” said Russell. “I don’t know if it’s what I’m taking in my drink bottles during the race or what. I felt okay other than my stomach cramping. I had a crash and Duvall got away, so I felt like I had just blown it right there. I caught up to Cannonball Bikes 2017Duvall and saw he was picking himself up, too. I suffered the entire last lap and I’m not really happy with today. We need to go back to the drawing board and make some changes.”

Even though he didn’t have sight of the leaders, Baylor continued to ride his own race and challenge himself, finishing third after his impressive come-from-behind ride.

Ashburn finished just off the podium in fourth, which would score him his best finish of the year. JCR Honda’s Trevor Bollinger rebounded from his last race with fifth overall. After suffering from some lingering injuries, Rockstar Energy/Factory Husqvarna Racing’s Josh Strang rode a consistent race for seventh overall.

In the XC2 250 Pro Lites division, Appalachian Offroad Motorcycles’ Sam Evans grabbed the $100 Hot Cams XC2 Holeshot Award. N-Fab/AmPro’s Josh Toth worked his way through the pack to earn his third straight win of the season. The Cannonball GNCC treated both RPM/KTM’s Mike Witkowski and New Jersey’s Jesse Groemm well as they finished second and third respectively.

The 10 a.m. race saw a familiar group of ladies on the overall podium. Rocky Mountain ATV*MC/KR4/Husqvarna Team’s Tayla Jones saw her way to her third win of the season. Defending champion and Fly Racing/Maxxis/Seat Concepts/KTM-backed Becca Sheets earned second, and Trail Jester’s MacKenzie Tricker was third overall.

The 2017 AMSOIL GNCC Series resumes April 8-9 with the FMF Steele Creek GNCC in Morganton, N.C. A highlight show featuring the Cannonball event will air on NBC Sports Network on Sunday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m.

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RACE PREP: ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX) – Kemp, Texas

ATVMX Monster Mountain

The 2017 ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX) season resumes April 1-2 at Underground MX Park in Kemp, Texas. Five-time defending Pro ATV Class Champion Chad Wienen started the season strong, earning a victory in Daytona as he began his quest to win a sixth title. He currently holds first in the overall standings and will be seeking another win in order to distance himself from top rivals Joel Hetrick and Thomas Brown, who hope to grab victories themselves and leap into the top position in the points standings.

AMSOIL is the Exclusive Official Oil of ATVMX.

Also on Tap:
Monster Energy Supercross
Saturday, April 1
The Dome at America’s Center; St. Louis, Mo.

AMSOIL Arenacross
April 1-2
Golden 1 Center; Sacramento, Calif.

AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Series
Saturday, April 1
Lawrenceburg Speedway; Lawrenceburg, Ind.

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Faith Secures Back-to-Back AMSOIL Arenacross Race to the Cup Victories

By: Feld Motorsports

The second round of AMSOIL Arenacross’ Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup got underway on Friday, March 24 inside the Livestock Events Center, the first of two nights of action from “The Biggest Little City in the World.” It was a night of dominance for Team Babbitt’s/Monster Energy/AMSOIL Kawasaki’s Gavin Faith, the defending AMSOIL Arenacross Champion, who enjoyed a perfect outing en route to securing back-to-back victories to start the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup, taking control of the points lead in doing so. In the Western Regional AX Lites Class, Team Babbitt’s/GPF/Monster Energy Kawasaki/MMCR’s Ryan Breece claimed his second main-event win to move back atop the championship standings.

Before the 250AX class main events got underway, points were handed out in the RMATV/MC Head 2 Head Challenge. The final pairing saw Faith square off against Rockstar Energy/OTSFF/Yamaha, in association with Cycle Trader and Rock River, rider Chris Blose. As the pair stormed into the first turn, Blose went down, allowing Faith to cruise to his second straight Head 2 Head Challenge win and add an additional championship bonus point to his Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup total.

When the gate dropped on the first 250AX class main event, it was Faith who put his Kawasaki out front ahead of Blose and Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Challen Tennant. Championship co-leader Jace Owen slotted into seventh aboard his TiLUBE/Jack Link’s/TUF Racing Honda. Faith and Blose set a quick pace out front, which gave them some breathing room over Tennant, who was left to deal with Woodstock KTM’s Daniel Herrlein and Team Babbitt’s rider Gared Steinke. Owen moved into sixth right behind this group on lap one.

With Faith and Blose continuing to control the race out front, both Herrlein and Steinke moved past Tennant on lap two, with Herrlein third and Steinke fourth. Tennant would then battle with Owen for fifth. Herrlein and Steinke then engaged in a battle for third for several laps. Eventually, the Kawasaki rider gained the advantage on lap nine and took over the final podium spot. On the following lap, Owen broke into the top five by passing Tennant.

Blose kept Faith honest throughout the main event, but the defending AMSOIL Arenacross Champion was able to pull out to a lead of just over a second in the closing stages, crossing the line 1.6 seconds ahead of Blose. Steinke followed in third, with Herrlein fourth and Owen fifth.

Faith kept the momentum rolling into the second main event, once again putting his Kawasaki out front ahead of Blose and Owen. Faith tried to get away, but Blose kept pace, allowing both riders to eventually open a gap over Owen in third. On lap six Blose challenged Faith for the lead, diving to the inside in some corners, but the champ withstood the challenge and proceeded to put distance between he and Blose over the remainder of the race.

Faith went on to make a clean sweep of the night, leading all 30 main-event laps, and took the checkered flag 1.3 seconds ahead of Blose. Owen was third, with Steinke fourth and Herrlein fifth.

The performance was arguably Faith’s most impressive this season, giving him back-to-back overall wins to start the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup. Blose posted a strong runner-up effort (2-2), while Steinke rounded out the overall podium in third (3-4). Owen narrowly missed the podium in fourth (5-3), with Herrlein completing the top five (4-5).

Faith entered the night tied with Owen atop the Race to the Ricky Carmichael Cup standings, but now has sole control of the points with his win. He moves out to an eight-point advantage over Owen and Blose, who are now tied for second.

The 12-lap Western Regional AX Lites class main event got underway with Breece taking the holeshot over Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Challen Tennant and Reno-area native Austin Walton aboard his T.M.C. Yamaha. Championship co-leader Hunter Sayles started in fourth aboard his Woodstock KTM, while fellow championship leader Jared Lesher found himself in last place aboard his DrivenMX Racing KTM. Sayles would drop to fifth on lap two after being passed by Mach 1 Motorsports KTM’s Connor Pearson.

Tennant began to apply pressure on Breece for the lead on lap four and attempted to make a pass heading into a corner, forcing contact between the leaders. Tennant got the worst of the incident, going over the berm and dropping to the tail end of the field. Breece continued on and was able to open his gap over the field. Walton took over control of second, while Pearson moved into third. As the race reached the closing laps, Breece moved out to an advantage of over two seconds on Walton, but Pearson was forced to deal with pressure from Sayles, who ultimately took over control of the final spot on the podium on lap nine.

Breece maintained his lead through to the finish and took his second win of the season, 1.4 seconds ahead of Walton, who enjoyed a stellar showing in front of the hometown crowd. Sayles rounded out the podium in third.

The win moved Breece back atop the Western Regional Championship standings, into a tie with Sayles. Lesher, who finished eighth, dropped to third, five points out of the lead.


Source: Amsoil Racing

Dramatic Weekend for Craig at Detroit Supercross


DETROIT (March 26, 2017) – Christian Craig’s up and down season of 250SX racing for GEICO/AMSOIL/Honda gained yet another twist after a dramatic weekend at Ford Field in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Craig collided with Alex Martin in practice, and the move sent Martin over a berm and down hard. Martin was knocked out of racing for the night. As a penalty, the AMA and FIM assigned Craig the last gate selection for the night’s main event, but then a strange thing happened during this day of drama for Craig: he ended up logging his best ride of the season.

“Well, yesterday went from terrible to great to pretty good. As everyone knows, I had a practice incident with Alex Martin. I let myChristian Craig Detroit 2017 frustrations get the best of me in the heat of the moment. I could sit here and explain my side of the story but I’ll still end up in the wrong so I won’t,” said Craig, who took to his personal Instagram account to apologize to Martin. “Anyway, I got penalized and fined by the AMA. No matter what I got in my heat I would have last gate pick for the main. I ended up winning my heat which was such a good confidence booster for me. I’ve been mentally broken this season and I’ve been trying to get myself to where I was last year. I feel like I’m back as my normal self again. I rode like I knew how and I didn’t give up. I got the holeshot and led every lap. I know it was only a heat race win but that one felt really good.”

With the 22nd gate pick in the main event, Craig had no choice but to go wide open into turn one and hope for the best. He very nearly pulled off a good start, but at the last moment he came into contact with a pileup building from the inside, and that sent him into the tuff blocks.

“Going into the main I obviously knew I was going to be last pick so I took the outside gate and was just gonna go for it,” says Craig. “I actually got a really good start but was caught in a first turn pile up. I would have for sure gotten a top five start if that [the crash] hadn’t happened. I started in 18th and made my way to seventh. With one more lap I could have gotten the two guys in front of me but I was just happy to see myself fight again. This season has been rough and it sucks it’s taken me this many rounds to find myself again but I’m thankful I’m healthy and ready for St. Louis next weekend.”

Craig will continue as the lone 250SX East rider for GEICO/AMSOIL/Honda, as new team member Cameron McAdoo will miss this weekend’s race in St. Louis while he waits for a deep cut on his hand to heal properly.

Source: Amsoil Racing

Tomac Proves Unstoppable In Detroit With Fourth-Straight Win

By: Feld Motosports

DETROIT (March 25, 2017) – Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, took over Ford Field for its 12th round of the 2017 season and showcased bar-to-bar racing in front of 46,324 fans. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Eli Tomac continued to prove he’s on a mission for the championship as he claimed his fourth-straight victory, bringing him just seven points back of reigning champion Team Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Ryan Dungey. A wild Eastern Regional 250SX Class race saw Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM’s Jordon Smith take his first career victory on the final lap. Entering points leader Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider Zach Osborne finished 18th and relinquished the championship lead to Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy.

Opening the main event was Team Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Marvin Musquin grabbing the Holeshot. At the end of the opening lap, it was Musquin leading with Tomac and RMATV/MC-WPS-KTM’s Davi Millsaps close. As the leader pulled a gap on the rest of the field, points leader Dungey came around the opening lap in seventh.

It only took three laps for Tomac to make his move on the KTM rider Musquin and start his charge to pull away from the pack. Musquin did his best to put up a fight, but the Kawasaki rider quickly put seconds on second place. While Tomac was lengthening his lead out front, Dungey was busy making up as many points as possible, moving into fifth on lap three. He quickly got by Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Josh Grant for fourth, but it took more time to get by Millsaps, making his move for the final podium spot on lap 21.

Tomac would cross the finish line 8.4 seconds ahead of Musquin, who was just two seconds ahead of his teammate Dungey.

“I’m putting myself in a good position in the main event. I didn’t do that in the heat race, but got my act together for the main and was able to capitalize,” said Tomac. “I felt very fortunate for having that ninth gate pick. I just felt good and comfortable. This is what we wanted tonight on this sketchy surface and I was able to attack it. It was another really good night of racing.”

Prior to the start of Tomac’s win-streak, he faced a 27-point deficit to Dungey. Tomac’s fourth-straight win and seventh victory this season places him only seven points back of the championship lead with five races remaining. Musquin gained solo hold of third in the standings, sitting 47 points behind Dungey.

“I think the hardest thing is where we’ve been during the first lap over the past few races,” said Dungey. “I can’t do anything back there. Eli is out front and I’m not able to do anything. But we did charge hard for third. We have to put ourselves in a better position at the start but we’ll work through it. We need to start turning it up here over the next few races.”

The Eastern Regional 250SX class main event started with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo grabbing the Holeshot, but a pileup behind him collected entering point’s leader Osborne. As the opening lap commenced, it was Cianciarulo, Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis, Savatgy, and Smith all together in the hunt for the lead.

The riders were barely around their first lap when Ferrandis got by Cianciarulo, and then on lap two Savatgy pulled into the lead with Cianciarulo in tow. On lap three, Cianciarulo went down and Ferrandis and Smith raced by, but the Kawasaki rider was able to remount in fourth. On lap five while leading, Savatgy surrendered the lead to Ferrandis after going down.

The Frenchman Yamaha rider would chalk up another eight laps in the lead before the duo of Smith and Savatgy over took him for the top two spots, respectively, on Lap 13. With championship implications for both riders, Smith and Savatgy duked it out with Savatgy entering the final lap with the lead. Just a few corners after receiving the white flag, Smith sped by Savatgy and was able to hold on to receive the checkered flag and celebrate his first career victory.

As Smith took his spot on top of the podium and Savatgy second, remarkably Cianciarulo came from several seconds back to secure the final podium position in third after passing Ferrandis with two laps to go. Entering points leader Osborne was able to return to the race, but ultimately finished 18th and relinquished the points lead to Savatgy.

“It was an unbelievable day. I had to go to the LCQ (Last Change Qualifier) and I won that,” said Smith. “[In the main], I got a great start from the outside. I had to make a few passes and the track was really tough, which was causing people to make mistakes. I’m so thankful for so many people. It’s an amazing feeling [to win] and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

The shake-up of Osborne’s 18th-place finish propelled Savatgy into the Eastern Regional 250SX Championship lead with nine points over Detroit winner Smith. Osborne is third and 10 points back of Savatgy.

The 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season continues next Saturday, April 1, for the 13th round of the championship inside The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis. Live broadcast coverage can be seen on FS1 beginning at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET.

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Borich Lands on the Podium at Cannonball GNCC

By: GNCC Racing

SPARTA, Ga. (March 25, 2017) – The third round of the 2017 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, was treated to perfect weather conditions Saturday, March 25 at the second annual Maxxis Cannonball GNCC in Sparta, Ga. The track provided plenty of racing action, where WFR/Yamaha/Maxxis/Fly Racing’s Walker Fowler eventually took home the overall win at the conclusion of the two-hour race.ATVs Cannonball 2017

CST/Induction Solutions/LSR/HiPer/Spider Graphix’s Adam McGill jumped out to the early lead and grabbed the $250 Wiseco XC1 Pro Holeshot Award. While McGill faced a clear track in front of him, there were plenty of riders behind him who were eager to take his place.

Six-time GNCC champion Chris Borich and GBC/Canyon Motorsports/Fly Racing’s Landon Wolfe were applying the pressure to McGill early on. After an unfavorable start, Fowler sat in fifth around the three-mile marker.

Within five miles, Fowler was able to shave off two positions and settle into third. With a tight track, he was accompanied by Coastal Racing’s Brycen Neal, who sat in fourth.

As the front-runners checked through timing and scoring for the first time, the group was wheel to wheel with less than four seconds separating them. They would continue racing this way for the majority of the race.

As McGill continued to lead, Fowler faded back and Neal was able to secure second right before they hit the nine-mile mark. Borich wasn’t ready to settle for third, and within the next few miles he took second place back.

This pass fired Neal up, and he made another move on both Borich and McGill to move into the lead as the two-lap card came out. While Neal was finding success, Fowler found himself struggling with a loss of his front brakes.

Neal continued to lead the race, while Fowler pushed through. Once the white flag was out, Neal sat a few bike lengths ahead of Fowler and Borich, who were rubbing plastic. With only a few miles remaining, Fowler took a unique line across a creek to take the pass for the lead.

Shortly after the pass, Neal would face more issues and clip a tree, allowing JMR/’s Jarrod McClure to move into second. After starting the race outside of the top 10, McClure slid under the radar just as his nickname “Sneaky Snake” implies.

With the largest lead anyone had experienced all race, Fowler rode the last mile comfortably and crossed the finish line victorious. McClure followed just 30 seconds behind in second. Neal was back on-track in third as he and Borich headed into the final field section. Borich was right on his tail, and was able to hold onto the gas for just a second longer as they went back into the last woods section. This played a major role in the final podium position as Borich took third.

ATV Podium Cannonball 2017As if his come-from-behind win wasn’t exciting enough, Fowler was able to set the fastest lap time of the day on the last lap. “The first two races I was able to do my thing, but that wasn’t the case today,” said Fowler. “Everyone showed up to race, and it kind of caught me off guard. I had an uncommon fifth-place start. We hit the trail, and I kept making small mistakes and hitting trees. After about the first hour I bent the front brake rotor, so I didn’t have any brakes and I just gave up. Everyone kept cheering me on, and then everything started clicking again. I was able to pass Borich and McGill over the creek crossing on the third lap, and I took another line through that same spot the last lap and made the pass on Neal.”

Neal finished just off the podium in fourth, and McGill managed to hold onto fifth. Wolfe earned his second sixth-place finish of the season, and Shockworx Motorsports/Spider Graphics/GBC Tires’s Tucker Wyatt raced his way to a personal-best finish in seventh.

Ithaca Recreation/Maxxis/Quad Tech/Storm Peak Crossfit’s Hunter Hart had his hands full with M.R. Unlimited/Hygear Suspension/GBC Tires/Tire Spine’s Devon Feehan. Hart would eventually come out on top in the XC2 Pro-Am division, with Feehan following in second. Defending champion Greg Covert rounded out the XC2 podium.

The 2017 AMSOIL GNCC Series resumes April 8-9 with the FMF Steele Creek GNCC in Morganton, N.C. A highlight show featuring the Cannonball event will air on NBC Sports Network on Sunday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m ET.

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Walker Fowler Looks to Keep Momentum Rolling into the Cannonball GNCC

By: GNCC Racing

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (March 22, 2017) – The 43rd Annual AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, travels to Sparta, Ga., this weekend, March 25 and 26, for the third round of the 13-race series. Race fans will line the 12-mile course to witness firsthand if WFR/Yamaha/Maxxis/Fly Racing’s Walker Fowler can extend his winning streak at the Maxxis Cannonball GNCC.

With much of the attention being on the two-time champion, Fowler, the expert field behind him has been busy proving that the championship is still anyone’s game. Coastal Racing’s Brycen Neal has proven himself to be a top contender, where he has yet to finish off the podium. At the inaugural Cannonball GNCC event last year, Neal had a stand-out performance finishing third. With his past success in Georgia, Neal will carry that momentum with him as he aims to steal the top spot of the box from Fowler at this weekend’s race.

JMR/’s Jarrod McClure will also be a rider to keep an eye on this weekend. One of McClure’s strongest attributes is his ability to excel under pressure, and if he plans on putting an end to Fowler’s success he will have to utilize that strength this Saturday. With two top-five finishes credited to him thus far, that could be the extra bit of motivation McClure needs to return to the center of the box.

Brycen Neal Cannonball Prep 2017Coming into this weekend fresh off his podium finish in Florida is CST/Induction Solutions/LSR/HiPer/Spider Graphix’s Adam McGill. McGill landed a spot on the Cannonball GNCC overall podium last year, and will be looking to better his result and stand on the center of the box at the conclusion of the two-hour race.

Six-time GNCC champion Chris Borich has yet to make a podium this season. Borich has ran in a top-five position the first two races, but has just missed the box. With 73 overall wins throughout his career, Borich will be eager to add another victory to his resume.

GBC/Canyon Motorsports/Fly Racing’s Landon Wolfe is setting himself up for a personal best season. After ending the 2016 year with his first ever podium, Wolfe has been a man-on-a-mission as he tries to continue his success.

In the XC2 Pro-Am division, M.R. Unlimited/Hygear Suspension/GBC Tires/Tire Spine’s Devon Feehan has commanded the first two races of the year where he has taken both wins. However, Ithaca Recreation/Maxxis/Quad Tech/Storm Peak Crossfit’s Hunter Hart and Iowa’s Matthew Lindle have demonstrated that they have the speed needed to take the top spot from Feehan. The battle will continue this Saturday at the Hill Family Farm.

Saturday’s race schedule is as follows: Youth ATV racing begins at 8 a.m., followed by amateurs, 4×4 Pro and Women at 10 a.m., and the top amateurs and pros race at 1 p.m. Following Saturday’s afternoon race will be 50cc Micro racing taking place at 4:30 p.m.

Tune in to on Saturday at 1 p.m. EST to catch LIVE streaming of the Pro ATV race. For more information on GNCC LIVE coverage, visit A highlight show featuring the event will air on NBC Sports Network on Sunday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m.

The 2017 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series heads to Sparta, Georgia this weekend, March 25 and 26, for the Maxxis Cannonball GNCC. For a complete schedule of the weekend’s activities, please visit the Cannonball GNCC event page on the series website by clicking here.

Source: Amsoil Racing

KR4 On Top of the Box at the Alligator Enduro

By: KR4 Arrive & Ride

ORMOND BEACH, Fla., (March 19, 2017) – This weekend’s Alligator National Enduro was round two of the 2017 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing. There were over 420 riders that turned out for this race.

Rocky Mountain ATV*MC / KR4 / Husqvarna’s Grant Baylor turned up the heat in the final test of the day to capture a come-from-behind victory and finish ahead of his brother by 15 seconds. The win made it two in a row for the Baylor family, as Grant’s big brother, Steward, won the opening round of the series last Tayla Jones Alligator Enduromonth in Sumter, S.C.

The KR4 Team felt prepared for the race and it showed in their performance at the Enduro. Jesper Borjesson raced his first ever National Enduro at the Alligator National Enduro and placed 23rd in Pro Class and 24th overall. Kaleb Ward won 1st Place in Open B Class with a lead of almost four minutes.

The other KR4 riders and their awesome finishes for this race:

Colin Keegan 2nd in 250A and 44th overall
Chase Sweda 2nd in 250 B 168 overall
Ambrocio Gutierrez 18th in the Open B
Maximo Gutierrez 4th in the 200 C class

Tayla Jones on her KR4 Husqvarna was able to capture the Women’s Elite Class by over 11 minutes for the win.

Source: Amsoil Racing